Your Anaesthetist

With advances in modern medicine, did you know that most people will require an anaesthetic at some point in their life? Anaesthetists are specialist doctors with more than ten years medical training. They provide the necessary care you require, before, during and after an operation or procedure. With millions of anaesthetics administered in Australia and New Zealand each year, our aim is to keep you safe and provide the necessary support you require.

There are many types of anaesthesia which are carefully considered and aligned with your medical condition and care. With an emphasis on quality and safety, Australia and New Zealand is renown for one of the best safety records in the world. By alleviating pain and suffering, many of today’s operations and procedures are made possible.

Your anaesthetist is a qualified Doctor with a medical degree and a minimum of 2 years of general medical education in the hospital system before moving on to complete accredited training in anaesthesia. The initials FANZCA which you see following their title, means that they have been awarded a diploma fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.

Rigorous assessments are undertaken during the training program to ensure a high level of safe practice. Trainees are referred to as registrars. On successful completion, anaesthetists become a Fellow of the college.

Due to the wide range of medical services your anaesthetist can provide, they have extensive knowledge about a vast array of medical conditions, pharmacology and surgical procedures. It is common practice for anaesthetists to specialise in various areas of interest. They continue to advance their knowledge and skills by participating in ongoing mandatory professional development at scientific meetings and registered workshop programs.

At Parkville Anaesthesia, we proudly aspire to world class safe and innovative practice.