Dr Andrea Bowyer

Dr Andrea Bowyer, MBBS FANZCA

Dr Andrea Bowyer is a consultant anaesthetist with both private and public appointments in Melbourne, and has an active interest in both the clinical and research domains of anaesthesia. She obtained her medical degree at The University of Melbourne and undertook her anaesthetic training at The Royal Melbourne Hospital where she completed a cardiac anaesthetic fellowship and a postgraduate diploma in perioperative echocardiography. She has a particular interest in the quality of postoperative recovery and has published extensively in peer-reviewed articles in this area.

Dr Bowyer currently works at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, one of two major trauma hospitals in Melbourne. She also works at Cabrini Hospital, Melbourne Private and Epworth hospitals providing anaesthesia for a broad range of surgeries. She has a regular appointment providing anaesthesia for patients undergoing cardiac electrophysiological and pacemaker procedures.