Learn how to interact with your Bio Page

click WEBSITE PORTAL ACCESS, then enter your
Username ______________
Password _______________
This will take you to the back-end dashboard of the website.

On the left hand side you will see PORTFOLIO, click that.
Scroll down until you find your name, hover over it and click EDIT.
This will take you to the back-end of your page.

Hover over the text block that says (for eg) “Dr Mi-Jin Kim is a medical graduate ….”
A green pop-up with appear, click on the PENCIL ICON.
You can now alter the text. When done, click SAVE CHANGES.
Then to push the change live to the internet, you need to click the blue UPDATE button found to the right of the screen.

Before you leave the dashboard of the website, be sure to LOG OUT.
Go to the top right, hover over (for eg) HOWDY, MI-JIN and click LOG OUT.

Tip – The browser of choice is Chrome, especially when interacting with the website on a laptop.